Clitheroe Blackburn Northern Hockey : Update

CBN   :     Jez Palmer Coaching and Squad Update

The new Men's Hockey Team for the current season is the Men's Development Team, entered into a new League.  

In order to bring on the Juniors we intend to make up teams using a combination of Senior players and Junior players in the 12+ age group.

CBN have normally entered playing 4 or 5 Seniors and the rest from a squad of 8+ Junior Players.        The emphasis is on the Juniors.

This week gave a 7th win out of 10 League games with some teams fielding all Seniors.   A brilliant win for the squad was  an 8-1 win against Fylde Mens Senior Team who had no Juniors included.    

CBN also look forward to playing in the Lancashire Cup Final in April.   

Great Coaching by Jez Palmer and his team at Clitheroe and Blackburn Northern :

Well Done to all those involved!     

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