Northern plans for the future!!

To all members:

We want to inform you of the plans for future development of the Club facilities. The Management Committee strongly feel that for the Club to continue to thrive it needs to look at improving all the club facilities.

Now that we have come through the impact of the pandemic in a financially stable position, it is possible to look to the future.

With this in mind the Club is planning:

1) Refurbishment of the shower facilities in the tennis and squash changing rooms - this is already underway.

2) Resurfacing of tennis courts 1 and 2, ready for the 2023 season.

3) The possibility of having a Padel court, where the Kidzone court is sited currently at the front of the property. This will allow members to play Padel tennis via the online booking system.

If any member would like to become involved in the development plans by either:

a) donating ( in a confidential or non-confidential manner)      or

b) becoming a club sponsor

we would be delighted to hear from you.    Please contact Nindi at or Aileen at

Blackburn Northern Management Committee

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