Bridge the Gap on Thursdays!

New Bridge Session at Northern!

From July 19th, the Bridge Club will hold a regular session on Thursday afternoons, from 1 -4 p.m.   

Please arrive by 12.50 and help clear away by 4.30 at the latest.

We will play 15-18 boards in a relaxed, but competitive fashion.  Help will be available with the bidding & there should be time to discuss one of the hands in greater detail at the end.  This is aimed at “Fledglings”, those who have learnt in the last 2 years; but everyone is invited to attend as long as they understand the set-up:  we are trying to get the newer members more integrated into the club, so they can get used to playing more boards over time and hopefully begin to attend other club sessions.

For further details, please see www.­blackbu­rn­brid­ge­centre.­org.­uk or email Judy at or phone 01257 411256.

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